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The Yaz Resource Center is a free consumer resource center intended to provide the latest information on research, warnings, side effects and legal action associated with popular prescription birth control drugs. is a for-profit company, but does not accept advertising from nor have any affiliation with any company that produces, markets or manufactures prescription drugs or medical devices. attempts to keep information relating to medications current on a daily basis. While this information may help patients decide which questions to ask their doctor, it should not be substituted for the professional medical advice of a licensed doctor or healthcare professional. Those seeking specific recall or adverse event information for a drug should refer to the FDA or the website of the drug manufacturer. also attempts to keep information regarding litigation current using the latest court opinions, legal trade publications, public news and dissemination. This legal information should only be considered general information, and never as legal advice that may apply to a specific situation.

By contacting or requesting more information, visitors consent to contact with a drug awareness specialist, who can advise of medical specialists or facilities in their area, share publicized information about a prescription drug or medical device, or recommend legal counsel who can advise of a patient’s rights. However, the drug awareness specialists at are not legal or medical professionals. is not an advertisement for legal services, and no visitor to the site may retain legal services from the site. Information is not valid in all states and is not valid in states that would consider such information legal advertising. is sponsored by The Schroeder Firm, LLC, which is licensed to practice law in Florida with principle offices located at 673 Lake Harbor Circle, Orlando, FL 32809.

Requesting information from this site does not form an attorney-client relationship and no legal services may be performed simply by visiting this site or requesting information. For those wishing to receive legal advice, a drug awareness specialist may recommend The Schroeder Firm, LLC or other legal counsel.

If a visitor retains a law firm recommended by the drug awareness specialist, that firm may co-counsel with The Schroeder Firm, LLC, who will assist in litigation of the case at no added expense to the client. If The Schroeder Firm, LLC is retained, they may co-counsel with another firm experienced in that specific area of litigation. Clients who retain the Schroeder Firm, LLC will not be charged an attorney fee or costs for their case unless compensation is recovered.

Regardless of information provided, patients should only decide whether to pursue legal action after speaking with an experienced and licensed lawyer.

If you have any questions regarding any information found on this Web site, please complete an intake form or contact us at (888) 315-7458.