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Date posted: 8/21/2012

August 21, 2012 - More than 11,000 women have filed a claim so far for side effects after taking the birth control drugs Yaz or Yasmin. However, experts predict thousands more will eventually come forward for help.

The maker of these drugs, Bayer, has begun settling blood clot-related injury lawsuits and recently pledged more funds to resolve claims. Anyone who suffered a blood clot, DVT, stroke or Pulmonary Embolism after taking Yaz or Yasmin is urged to speak with a lawyer about their legal rights.

Many patients contact the Yaz Resource Center asking how to find a lawyer qualified to handle their Yaz claim and ultimately receive a settlement.

First, those who have already retained a law firm to handle their claim are urged to be patient while their lawyer gathers records, prepares their lawsuit and files the necessary paperwork. Your lawyer can provide a status update on your claim at your request.

If you have not yet retained a lawyer to handle your case, it is important to choose one with experience in mass tort defective drug litigation. Preferably, you will want to select a lawyer who is already involved in Yaz litigation.

Drug companies don’t like to pay high-value verdicts and settlements, and often only do so when they are faced with the threat of an experienced lawyer with the resources necessary to fight these specialized cases. Also, a lawyer who has handled 100 Yaz lawsuits may have more influence than one who has handled 10.

Ask any lawyer you speak with if they have recoverd from drug companies in the past, what areas they specialize in and how much experience they have in defective drug litigation. This can mean the difference between a quick, valuable resolution of your case and one that drags on for years.

The Yaz Resource Center only recommends lawyers who have already handled and settled numerous Yaz cases.

For more information on side effects, research and litigation news related to the drug Yaz, or to speak with a lawyer, contact us today.